Quadrant Energy Logo

Our Brand

The inspiration for the Quadrant Energy brand came from within the company – a distillation of the views of our people on the brand values, vision and the direction they wanted the entity to take.

The process drew on the strong sense of pride, respect and camaraderie that we hold in everything we do, and highlighted the desire to remain agile, to realise our potential and to maintain our passion for the communities and environments around us.

These qualities are mirrored in the four elements that underpin our business – people, performance, partners and protection – and which form the foundation for our name Quadrant Energy.

Further, the Quadrant Energy brand mark also seeks to embody the process of continual review and renewal that we intend for our company, the lifecycle of connecting elements that create energy – to explore, appraise, develop and operate.


The Quadrant Energy Brandmark is comprised of the Quadrant Energy Symbol and company name. To ensure brand integrity is maintained, approved brandmark artwork files must be used at all times, and in accordance with the company brandmark usage guidelines.

A range of brandmark artwork files are available in various formats – for access to these files, or for further information on approved usage of the brandmark, please contact the Government and Public Affairs Team at gpa@quadrantenergy.com.au