Suppliers and contractors play a vital part in helping Quadrant Energy achieve its business goals, and we recognise that establishing sound working relationships with those sources is a key enabling objective.

Quadrant Energy expectations

Quadrant Energy seeks to support its business needs by sourcing goods and services from a range of external suppliers at fair market prices, taking into account our environmental, health and safety system requirements, as well as delivery, quality, technical and other requirements.

Quadrant Energy is committed to growth in WA and will continue to require the support of a committed local workforce as well as globally competitive suppliers to help meet long term business objectives.

Terms and conditions

Quadrant Energy uses a standard set of terms and conditions that cover general procurement, consultancy services and general services to our offshore locations. Purchase orders (for goods or services) will generally contain these terms and conditions.

Quadrant Energy Terms & Conditions – pdf

Forwarding, packaging and marking instructions

Quadrant Energy provides a series of instructions to ensure that suppliers of materials and equipment to Quadrant Energy pack all goods in a manner which ensures optimum protection during transit by road, air and sea to Quadrant Energy facilities. All suppliers are required to adhere to these instructions and deliveries are subject to inspection by Quadrant Energy.

QUADRANT ENERGY Forwarding, Packaging and Marking Instructions – pdf

All material and equipment that is to be transported in a container (including baskets, intermediate bulk containers, tanks, on racks or in a transport frame) must be certified for both on-shore and off-shore lifting, and must be accompanied by a completed Quadrant Energy Cargo Load-out Checklist.

QUADRANT ENERGY Cargo Load-out Checklist – pdf

Quarantine management requirements

Quadrant Energy operates offshore facilities that are classed as Nature Conservation Reserves, including Varanus Island (VI) and Airlie Island (AI). As such, Quadrant’s Environmental Management Policy and regulatory approvals and conditions for the operations of these facilities require effective quarantine management to prevent the introduction of terrestrial Non-Indigenous Species (NIS), such as foreign plants, declared weeds and native plants, insects and spiders of concern (or their eggs/larvae), and of amphibians, reptiles and mammals (native and non-native) not indigenous to VI and AI.

In addition, Quadrant undertakes exploration and development activities from time to time which are assessed for the risk of introduction of terrestrial NIS and if a risk is identified, the appropriate quarantine management measures are implemented to eliminate or mitigate the risk.

Quadrant Energy has developed a procedure to provide all its suppliers and contractors with detailed quarantine management requirements that apply to the transportation of personnel, luggage, goods, materials, equipment, plant and machinery for operations and projects to our offshore locations.

QUADRANT ENERGY Quarantine procedures – pdf

Quarantine Management Action Table

In order to determine all relevant actions and barriers to be undertaken when providing goods and services to Varanus Island or Airlie Island all suppliers are required to refer to the Quarantine Management Action Table. It contains all required actions for each party under the Quadrant Energy Quarantine Procedure. The actions and barriers that are presented also include links to any relevant documentation such as forms, checklists and inspection logs. Non-compliant deliveries will be rejected or remediated at the supplier’s cost.

QUADRANT ENERGY Quarantine Management Action table – Excel file

How to become a supplier to us

Contractors and suppliers interested in pursuing opportunities with Quadrant Energy should contact our Supply Chain Management team