Devil Creek Gas Plant
Quadrant Energy supplies 40% of Western Australia’s domestic gas
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Welcome to Quadrant Energy

Quadrant Energy is one of the largest and most active Australian oil and gas companies.

In 2016, we accounted for 22.3 percent of domestic gas production in Western Australia, making us the state’s largest single domestic gas supplier. We also produced a significant proportion of the nation’s oil.

Our primary focus is in the Exmouth and Carnarvon Basins offshore north Western Australia, where we have an interest in 22 exploration permits, 10 retention leases and 17 production licences covering 64,396 square kilometres (December 2016).

With a strong exploration program and a focus on efficiency and innovation, we continue to grow our business, seek out new energy opportunities, and develop new markets for Australian oil and gas.


Quadrant Energy Sustainable Development Report

Quadrant Energy is Western Australia’s largest single natural gas supplier and a major contributor to State and national economic performance, both directly through our activities and indirectly through those of ... more

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